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Here’s How To Practice Mindfulness When You ‘Suck’ At Meditation

February 9, 2018

Have you tried meditating, but feel like you just can’t? Perhaps you’ve read about the myriad benefits offered through practising meditation, but when you’ve tried, you’re left wondering if you’re doing it right or simply feeling like a failure?

As a meditation coach and teacher, I often speak to people who insist that meditation just isn’t for them. “Why?” I ask?. “Because I can’t sit still”, “I have too many thoughts” or “I can’t keep my mind on my breath” are the common answers. But what if I told you there was another way to meditate? That, in fact, there are thousands of doorways into mindfulness and that traditional meditation is just one option. Thought control or breath-focused meditation is just one of many ways to access our inner world and for many of us, not a particularly effective way.

There is another way to reap the benefits of meditation. You can simply treat the sacred time of meditation as a time to hang out with yourself, listen to yourself and your soul’s longing. And be comforted by the fact that you can’t get it wrong! Who could be better at being you than you?!

So how do you meditate in this magical way I speak of? First, pick some aspect of life you want to spend some time with. It could be anything you love – wine, chocolate, sex, nature, or beautiful music, just to name a few. Once you’ve picked what it is you want to do, just revel in it however you are called to.

And finally, welcome all of yourself to the experience. Welcome all of your thoughts, emotions, memories, sensations and impressions. Welcome them all, or if welcoming doesn’t come easy, at least accept them.

Let me assure you that your busy mind is NOT a problem. Delight in how efficient and miraculous and versatile your mind is! Isn’t it a miracle that we can think at all?! Each thought, emotion or impression is pointing you to something in your life you love.

Somewhere along the meditation journey, the one where you lovingly welcome all of yourself, you’ll bump into the thought: “surely THIS cannot be meditation”.Trust that whatever is coming up is coming up to be lovingly tended and healed. Our bodies contain an innate wisdom and our job is to trust that. Be kind and tender with yourself when you’re in your inner world. And you will be just fine.

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