Who Is The Girl In Progress?

February 6, 2018
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As I sit down to write this, it’s my 26th birthday. In some ways, it would appear I have my sh*t together for someone in their mid-20s. I’ve managed to forge a career in the notoriously competitive world of publishing. I have my own health and lifestyle copywriting business which I run from the comfort of my own home (or anywhere in the world) — and I actually manage to make a living doing so. I’ve just had my eyelashes lifted and my eyebrows tinted, so they’re currently looking ‘on fleek’, as the kids say. I plan to spend the eve of my 26th birthday having a quiet dinner and movies date with my partner, because #adulting.

But delve a little deeper and you’ll see that all is not always as it seems. Behind me is an overflowing basket of laundry I’ve been meaning to sort for weeks. It’s 4:30 pm and I haven’t eaten a single vegetable today (apart from that squishy carrot I may have accidentally consumed with my chicken katsu curry.) On my desktop, you’ll find a ‘files’ folder, which is filled with hundreds of random documents and pictures I haven’t been bothered to sort since I got my computer. I’m atrocious with money and drink waaaaaay too much coffee. I’m good at some things (writing, eating pizza, being empathetic to other people’s feelings, projecting my voice) and terrible at others (pretty much anything that requires physical prowess and coordination.) At the end of the day, I’m a girl in progress — and I know I’m not alone.

I’ve started half a dozen blogs since blogging became a thing (including the cringe-inducing ‘Tea Travel Treadmill’ and ‘So Fresh So Clean’ — and they’re only the more recent ones, so I can only imagine what the older ones were called.) However, none have ever stuck (probably for the best.) However, this one is different — because it’s not just about me. It’s for the uni student who’s still trying to figure what she wants to do after she graduates. It’s for the girl who works out 4 times per week, but still eats ice-cream daily (okaaaaay, that one is me.) It’s for the girl who’s working a full-time job to pay the bills while starting her own business on the side. It’s for the girl who would sometimes rather stay in and binge-watch Netflix than go to that networking event. It’s for the girls who are working on themselves,  for themselves —while simultaneously accepting themselves exactly as they are.

Here at A Girl In Progress, we are writers, nutritionists, small business owners, makeup artists, creatives and so much more — because although we may not be perfect in every way, we all have our ‘thing’ that we’re damn good at and could talk about all day. If this sounds like you and you’d like to join our tribe, head to our contributors page to find out more!

I hope this blog inspires you, motivates you, teaches you something you didn’t know before and makes you snort with laughter — preferably all at the same time.

Emma xx

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    I LOVE this. Here’s to the girls in progress 🥂🙋🏼

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