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5 Life Admin Tasks To Do ASAP For Your Productive Year Yet

January 31, 2018

As we get older, there’s more and more pressure to make our New Year’s resolutions deep and spiritual. It’s funny to think that 20 years ago, my goal was always ‘to be hotter and funnier’. Deep, I know (and no, I don’t think it ever actually happened.) The thing is, your New Year’s goals don’t have to be earth-shatteringly monumental. By taking care of those small yet significant life admin tasks you’ve been putting off for ages, you can set yourself up for your healthiest, happiest and most productive year yet.

Here are 5 simple tasks that will help set you up for success in 2018

1. Write a health check list

Do you want until your tooth hurts before you go to the dentist? Or perhaps you have a health niggle that’s been bothering you for months, but you’ve been too busy/scared/poor to see a professional about it. Take half an hour out of your day to jot down all of the health checks you need to have this year and book them in. I know it’s a pain, but being proactive about your health will stop small issues from spitballing into big ones. Take it from someone who avoided the dentist for 10 years and then had to go weekly for 2 months to get everything fixed (so, yes my dentist has a new BMW funded by my root canals).

2. Unsubscribe

Take some time to unsubscribe from all of those emails you never open. We all have emails in our inbox from random businesses —the ones where we have no idea how we even got on their mailing list. I get random emails from a ‘4-wheel driving off-road club’, and while my Rav 4 may classed loosely as a 4 wheel drive, the odd curb at my local Westfield shopping centre is about as off road as I get. But rather than unsubscribe, every month, I just delete and then the next month there’s the next newsletter featuring the best floodlights for night driving in the outback. But not anymore! There’s a fantastic app called Unroll you can use to unsubscribe from all this junk within minutes. Can you imagine an inbox with only emails you actually want to read? Maybe you would then actually read them!

Going forward, before you subscribe to anything new — Stop. Think. Do you want this in your inbox? Would you invite this business to call you every month or week or day to tell you about their 8% off sale? Probably not? Then don’t invite them to email you either.

3. Write a ‘make it stop’ list

Often, we’re so busy thinking about the things we do want in our lives that we don’t stop to consider the things we don’t. You know, those negative things that lurk at the back of your mind and hold you back from living your best life. Whether it’s your credit card debt, that toxic friend who drains your energy every time you catch up, a relationship you know isn’t working or that hallway cupboard you are too scared to open because it’s overflowing with stuff — write it all down, and come up with a plan of action of how you’re going to eliminate it from your life. Bye, Felicia!

4. Write a ‘My money needs to’ list

Blah, everyone hates this one. But I’m guessing there will be a money issue on your ‘Make it Stop’ list — something that’s probably adding unnecessary stress to your life. Rather than relying on the favourite but rarely successful plan of winning the lottery, decide how you will do things differently this year. It could be ‘my money needs to be spent on things that make me happy like travel, not impulsive convenience purchases like takeaway coffees’ or ‘my money needs to be prioritised into paying off my credit card.’
While you’re at it, add ‘my money needs to be spent on a copy of the Barefoot Investor’ book. It’ll be the best $25 investment if you’ve ever made — this book will seriously change your life.

5. Make your goals visible

No doubt you’ve already set yourself some epic goals for this year. But rather than falling victim to the ‘out of sight, out of mind approach,’ make them as visible as possible. Make a list of your top 5 goals (this can be for the month or year ahead — your choice!) and stick them somewhere where you HAVE to look at them every day. I have mine in my wardrobe and next to my desk.
I also highly recommend a dream board – which is simply a picture montage of the goals you have set. I know this all sounds very ‘kale and chia seeds’, but you’d be surprised how powerful putting things out into the universe can be. I find myself looking at mine each night and working out whether I have done anything that day to get closer to achieving any of them. I don’t like to fail, so it’s a daily reminder of what I want to achieve. Just Google “dream board” – there’s lots of free software where you can build one.

So hopefully, these simple yet powerful tasks will set you up for a kickass year. And who knows, you just might get hotter and funnier in the process!

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